~ Nicole P.


Elise is committed to my health and wellness goals just as much as I am by providing delicious, specialty meals and training prepared with my targets in mind. My favorite aspect of the Muscle Meals Diet program is that the meals are adjusted based on my progress. The results are undeniable, I have lost 18 lbs in 4 weeks. I feel amazing and have learned a Lifestyle change! 

~ Tammy L.


Elise “The Diva Chef” transformed my life. Her customer designed Muscle  Meals program allowed me to break physical limitations that hindered me  for six years. She has been praised by my doctors for guiding me to the greatest improvement to my medical condition in years. Elise takes care  pride in ensure her clients reach their untapped potential. She is a blessing to learn from. Could not have done it without her guidance, mentorship, or her amazing muscle meal!