Elise "The Diva Chef" Wims

Elise, The Diva Chef is a Classically French trained Chef, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


She is the middle child of two brothers and like many families assumed the role of a caregiver, preparing meals at a young age to help her working class family. 

Cooking became Elise’s passion; it filled her hours after school while other children her age were attending sports or classes for the arts. Elise did not know at the time, but this was her first training she would receive at becoming one of the greatest Executive Chefs.

After graduating high school, Elise enrolled and graduated from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute with her expertise being a fusion of Creole and Italian. 

Professional Woes 

Elise got her toes wet in showbiz when approached to be a contestant on the FOX hit series Hell’s Kitchen (Season 9, the most watched series), while a Grillardin and Saucier at Donatos Restaurant in Fox Chapel. Casted as the aggressive B!t#h, Elise got her first lesson in the showbiz world before diving all the way in and was able to put a positive spin on her villainized image, branding herself as Elise, “The Diva (Deliciousness In Various Assortments) Chef”. 

With features in numerous publications; such as People Magazine, Whirl Magazine, and the list goes on to creating her own food brand “Muscle Meals by Elise" mixing fitness with food, appearing on TV segments and sold out cooking shows, Elise continues to grow her fan base and do what she loves, helping people be healthy while reaching their food and fitness goals.